Friday, June 17, 2011

On the Vancouver Riots

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The riots in Vancouver were news here in Sweden, and I imagine all across Europe. I am so very ashamed that my favourite city in the world is being represented this way to the world. Doesn't it look like an apocalypse? The saddest thing about the situation is that it's so senseless. It's not a revolution, it's not anger at the government, or even at another group of people. It's just senseless anger and destruction and there's no point beyond that.

The man in the bottom picture taking a swing at someone is actually a hero. Here's the video of him trying to stop rioters from burning a truck, when all of a sudden he is attacked by a man behind him and he punches him back (that's this picture). At that moment a mob of maybe 20 people jumps on him.

If you think you may know any rioters take a look at this site, and help the city identify them. Or just look at the photos of destruction and contemplate why alchohol + sports ≠ a jolly, good-natured time 

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  1. How very sad, your right this is NOT the Canada we want to portray, nor is it a reflection in any way of great Canadians. Thanks for making the point that it truly, was senseless and served absolutely no purpose other than give Vancouver some really bad P.R.. It is a beautiful city and worthy of praise. The "stupids" involved in those riots need to be accountable, I hope they are identified and charged!!!!!!! Hey, interesting blog...your funny too!!!