Thursday, June 16, 2011

On a Far Away Vision for High Speed Rail in America

This has nothing to do with marketing, art, or culture, but bear with me. I found this picture on and got really really excited. I may not be American, but if this could spread to the U.S. and be successful, maybe it could make it's way to the Great White North!

Living in Europe since January has shown me the benefits of a train system. We commonly just say "well Canada and the U.S. are too big for a train system" and write it off. But as this plan shows, we could just set up train systems in the densely populated city areas. Why do we need to drive everywhere we want to go? Planes are too expensive, buses are full of creepy people and time consuming. What if we had trains instead?

In Canada I could see this going up in the Eastern areas around Toronto, Ottawa and in Quebec. As I don't see myself with a car in the very near future (or, ideally, at all) I'd love to see this become a reality.

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