Sunday, July 3, 2011

On the Peace and Love Festival!!!

Hey! It's been almost a week since I posted! Terrible! But I've been away at the Peace and Love music festival the last 4 days, so that's one excuse anyway. The weather wasn't too hot, which was fantastic (there is nothing worse for me than wandering around for hours in the sun and 35°). 

One thing I have to ask though after the festival is what is it with everyone wearing rubber boots??? I was told that it's a fad... but really?
Boots like this in 25° clear weather. Confusing. Unless of course they were thinking ahead about the alcohol and organic sludge that appeared throughout the festival grounds.....

I came across some fantastic bands at the festival. Here are videos from my top 4 favourites :)

Tikkle Me- Electronic Indie Pop (?)
They make PRECISELY the kind of music I love. I was so excited when I venue hopped and found them!

the Amplifetes- 60's psychedelia electro pop
After Tikkle Me I wandered into a club style venue and found these guys. The singer is all personality isn't he?? I can't help but love someone with that much hair.

the Original High Fives- reggae pop
These guys were playing randomly in a space between venues. They played SO much better than many of the artists on the stages, and certainly deserved a stage of their own. Plus they had a crazy dreadlocked fan-friend that riled the whole crowd into fanatic dancing, and that was fantastic fun.

Crash Nomada- gypsy punk
When I read in the guidebook that there was a gypsy punk band playing, I knew I had to go. Their live performance was so energetic and fun.

The festival was fun, but the best music definitely came from the smaller (or not technically official) venues. Bob Dylan... is getting too old to play his music. I didn't even recognize Knockin' on Heaven's Door until nearly halfway through. Deadmau5 had a great light show... but we left early because he was playing nothing but a monotonous beat. I didn't see the Kings of Leon, but I heard that they're going downhill. The only major artist that I enjoyed was 30 Seconds to Mars, but they still lacked energy for some reason. So, I'm very glad that I did a bit of venue hopping :)

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