Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On Gangnam Style

Heyyyy sexy lady! Op-op-op-op Oppa Gangnam Style!

If you haven't seen this hilarious, mega popular South Korean pop video, featuring invisible horses and dancing in buses yet, here's my gift for you:

Although, if you haven't seen it, where have you been?? It has over 220 million hits as we speak.
It's even on the radio here now, which has to be a first (non English music on the mainstream radio in NORTH AMERICA?!).

I'm really happy that it made it mainstream, because Nicki Minaj is starting to make my ears bleed. 
And why are we so insular with our media anyway? Why are foreign movies only shown in tiny hipster theaters? Or maybe it's just our universal hate for subtitles when dubbed versions aren't available. My parents recently tried to watch Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with their friends, only to find they'd accidentally rented the Swedish version. It wasn't worth it to read the subtitles- "so much work!!", so they played cards instead. (But Mom, this one's worth the reading...)

Not only is this a great leap for foreign media, but it's an indicator of how far we've come bringing viral into the "traditional" world. Psy (the artist from above), was even on Saturday Night Live this week :)
He danced out from behind a wall in a Lids store (for some reason). I'd show the video here too, but all the ones I seem to find "can't be shown in my region". Bah

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